NBA Free Agency Rumor: Eddie House To Chicago Bulls

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First and foremost, before reading on, consider the source that broke this news: Dime Mag.

Who knew it was the breaking news type?

According to Dime Mag, the Bulls have “talked about” signing Eddie House.

“Talked about” could mean the Bulls frequently considered the possibility of fitting House in their roster, or just pondered the idea.

“Talked about” could mean representatives from both sides met formally and discussed deals.

Talk about being vague, Dime Mag.

Either way, House in Chicago is somewhat reasonable.

Although, there are many Bulls fans who won’t run along with this idea, considering the heated match up between the Bulls and Celtics in the 2008 first round playoff series.  Consider the heartbreaking three-pointers House knocked down during that series (and the way he rubbed it into his opponent’s faces) that made Bulls fans despise him so much.

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