NBA Offseason: Can the League Ride the Wave of Hype to Record Profits?

July 22nd, 2010 by Zach McDonie Leave a reply »

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This summer has been a rollercoaster ride for basketball fans all across the country. The continuous media coverage on all things LeBron is sure to rest in the minds of the majority of fans as we crawl towards the start of the regular season.

The entire league does, no doubt, adore the multitude of build up and attention swirling around it through these summer months. The offseason has stolen away headlines from Wimbledon, the MLB all star break, and the largest worldwide sports phenomenon: the World Cup.

As a fan, you have to look at this and think how great it is going to be for the league from an entertainment standpoint. I mean come on, LeBron and D-Wade running up and down the same floor together every night? The largest microscope in the league will fall on South Beach, where the nation will observe every dribble, pass and dunk.  

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