Boston Celtics Put an End to Magic Tricks: Massacre in Boston

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I've already had enough folks; if I have to read the pseudonym, moniker, or whatever the hell you classify "Krypto-Nate" as much more, I'm going to gouge my eyes out with a spork.  It's not that Nate wasn't fantastic while making Doc look like the second coming of Nostradomus.  Basically it just sucks as a nickname and I want to kill the beast before it gains power, okay?

Whew, alright...back to the game.  I guess maybe Matt Barnes was a tad off when he described the situation as "we've got a foot on their throats."  The Celtics were once again, finally , the team from the first three games of the series—suffocating defense and great ball movement combined with bench performances above and beyond the call of duty.

Let's talk Kevin Garnett a moment, as I was searching for a picture of him delivering  those forearm shivers to Dwight Howard.  If I were a Magic fan, I'd be hating me some KG right now.  But to be fair (and potentially biased), Dwight looked as though initially he was gripping Garnett's side with vise-like intensity.  Try it on yourself, it hurts! 

I mean, it's not like Kevin ...

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