Philadelphia Flyers-Chicago Blackhawks: Stanley Cup Final M*A*S*H’ed Up by BT

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Alright. So it's the day of Game One of the Stanley Cup finals. I figured waiting this long would be a great idea: That way we'd have all the information possible heading in to this series so I could make an educated guess and finally beat one of those stupid fictional prognosticators.

Hawkeye: mean you weren't being lazy?

BT: No. I wasn't. But thanks for that. Besides, what did you two end up doing with that four days off the just seemed to drag on?

Hawkeye: We drank.

BJ: And chased nurses.

Hawkeye: Well...I chased nurses.

BJ: And we both drank.

BT: Gotcha. Either way, there's another problem with that stupid break.

Hawkeye: What do you mean? I had a great time!

BT: Yeah, well I had to put up with all of Frank's crack-pot theories.

Hawkeye: In all fairness to him, he is crazy. Five years worth of it.

BT: That doesn't make this better.

Hawkeye: Nor should it.

No. 2 Chicago Blackhawks vs. No. 7 Philadelphia Flyers

People say you need to "throw the stats out the window." For this series, th ...

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