What Are NHL Fans’ Duties to Their Teams?

November 5th, 2010 by Laura Falcon Leave a reply »
NHL fans—or even fans of the NFL, NBA or MLB for that matter—are an integral part of a franchise, but what are their actual duties as fans of their favorite team?

Many organizations will recognize their fans as members of the team because without the fans, there really is no team. They bring in the revenue to support the franchise by buying tickets to games or team events, merchandise and so on.

For the players, the fans have a little more than monetary value. They're the support group for the team, cheering them on at their games, both home and away. They win with the team and lose with the team because the two have truly become interlocked over time.

However, acting as such isn't always easy for the fans.

As a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, I have been witnessing an interesting phenomenon among fans surrounding goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. Because of his recent poor play, many fans have resorted to bashing Fleury for his mistakes to the point where failure seemed preferred to prove their point that backup Brent Johnson should be in net.

On the other hand, many Fleury fans vehemently denied that he was at fault ...

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