Too Much Has To Go Right for Ice Edge

December 30th, 2009 by Steve Thompson Leave a reply »
Ice Edge, the group that wants to keep the Phoenix Coyotes in Phoenix, so long as they are allowed to play five games a year in Saskatoon and perhaps some playoff games there too, probably has too much against it to make it work.

They might get the team by default.  The sooner the Coyotes are taken off the NHL's hands, the happier the league will be.  Someone has to be the owner (sucker?).

But too much has to go right for this situation to work.

1.  The new owners have to find a way to undo the damage caused by the bankruptcy and Balsillie affair.  Attendance is improving because the team is playing well, but how many people in Phoenix really believe in the team, after the bankruptcy and the attempt to move it?

2.  Part of the reason for the increased attendance is the discounts the NHL are offering the fans.  Can Ice Edge afford to keep that up and ice a competitive team?

3.  There's still the ruinous lease with the Glendale arena.

4.  The Coyotes have never made a profit since they arrived in Phoenix.  What makes Ice Edge think they'll make one now even with Saskat ...

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