NHL Trade Deadline: The Day Hockey Fans Unite As One

March 2nd, 2010 by Sam Hansen Leave a reply »
Trade deadline.  These two seemingly harmless words can bring flutters of excitement to fans and feelings of dread to players.  In fact, one could argue that the 24 hours prior to the NHL Trade Deadline, more people take note of NHL news than any other day of the year, including staying glued to TSN and other sports networks right throughout the day. 

For those down here in Australia, the NHL Trade Deadline isn't just an important day on the NHL calendar, it's a long gruelling all-nighter which sees many fans staying up right through the night. 

That's because down here, the NHL Trade Deadline happens to be early in the morning, in some cases just prior to sunrise.

We often ask ourselves, "why do we do it?".  Why do we sit here, using coffee to stay awake just to find out if our favorite players have been traded to teams we often don't in fact like? 

Why do we put ourselves through a night that affects our sleeping patterns for the next week?  The answer is simple... it's hockey. 

There is no "reason," other than as fans of hockey we would put our bodies on the line to get the latest breaking news. 

It's not ...

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