NHL Lockout: Bettman & Owners Try to Get Out of Current Player Contracts

October 20th, 2012 by Erik Cotton Leave a reply »
As the NHL Lockout pushes on, more and more details have been released about the league's latest offer to the players.  After reading through the fine print, it contains a lot of misleading numbers and deceptive ideas.  Do they really think they can get away without honoring current contracts?

Many of us in the media, yours truly included, simply saw a proposal that called for a 50-50 split of hockey-related revenue (HRR).  That initial reaction shifted all the pressure to the players to agree to the deal or some variation of it. 

To think the economics of the deal were that cut-and-dry was foolish.

It took Donald Fehr and several players to point out the NHL is actually looking to renege on current player contracts to assist in evening out the share of HRR.  So for as much as we all want a deal to get done, it's impossible to expect the players to cave on that.

Let's think about contracts in the real world for a minute. 

They exist for cars, bank loans, credit cards, cell phones, etc.  When you enter into one, more often than not they're binding, and to get out of them usually requires y ...

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