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Buffalo Sabres: The 5 Most Memorable Playoff Goals in Franchise History

January 5th, 2013
For a team that's never won a Stanley Cup, the Buffalo Sabres still have a long list of playoff dramas.  Those runs have seen this team captivate a city like few others in professional sports.So who has the most memorable playoff goals in franchise history? As with any list, there will ...

The 10 Longest-Tenured NHL Coaches and the Biggest Strength of Each

December 24th, 2012
Life as an NHL coach these days is pretty boring.  That's a change for what's usually the most unpredictable profession in all of sports.  So how do you keep your job in a league that has so much turnover? If we had started the regular season on time this year, ...

NHL Free Agency 2013: 3 Teams Still in Desperate Need of Physicality

December 21st, 2012
While the initial rush of NHL free agency occurred in July, the uncertainty brought upon by the lockout means several veteran players remain without jobs. Teams with holes to fill are left in limbo while the two sides continue to argue about who's greedier. So which of these teams desperately need to ...

3 NHL Coaches Who Could Still Get out on the Ice and Compete

December 1st, 2012
As with any sport, the best NHL players don't necessarily translate into successful head coaches.  See Wayne Gretzky's tenure in Phoenix for proof of that.  But are there coaches who could make the jump back to playing and still get out on the ice and compete? The list is relatively ...

Why Philadelphia Flyers Legend Eric Lindros Deserves Spot in Hockey Hall of Fame

November 22nd, 2012
As another class of players were recently inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, many fans wondered why former Philadelphia Flyers star Eric Lindros wasn't in the group.  Is it because he was as divisive a player as the NHL's seen in its history?  And does he really deserve to be enshrined with ...

NHL Winter Classic Cancelled: Gary Bettman’s 4 Worst Moments

November 3rd, 2012

4 NHL Role Players That Will Break out in 2013

October 23rd, 2012
Ask any team in the NHL that's won the Stanley Cup, and they'll tell you it can't be done without quality role players.  More often than not, their emergence in the playoffs is the difference between advancing and going home.  So what role players are primed to break out this ...

NHL Lockout: Bettman & Owners Try to Get Out of Current Player Contracts

October 20th, 2012
As the NHL Lockout pushes on, more and more details have been released about the league's latest offer to the players.  After reading through the fine print, it contains a lot of misleading numbers and deceptive ideas.  Do they really think they can get away without honoring current contracts? Many ...

NHL Lockout 2012: 6 Players Who Have Most to Lose

September 15th, 2012
As the current NHL CBA gets closer and closer to expiring, you start to think about who has the most to lose once it does. The league should be ashamed that they're in this position again. Not only do the fans suffer, but so do the players. The fact that ...