Mike Johnston Says Swollen-Faced Sidney Crosby Does Not Have Mumps

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Something is wrong with Sidney Crosby's face.

The Pittsburgh Penguins captain missed practice Thursday due to illness, and reporters covering Friday's workouts noticed a slight change in his appearance when he removed his gear to speak to the media.

Perhaps you'll spot it.

The right side of Crosby’s face is very swollen, for reasons that haven't been made public. We do know a rash of mumps—a contagious disease causing swelling of the salivary glands—has been rippling through the NHL this season.

Crosby joked about his appearance to the media at Friday's practice. One reporter said he looked "good." Crosby laughed.

"I was gonna say, are we doing radio today?" Crosby asked.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Seth Rorabaugh tweeted that CBS Pittsburgh's Jeff Hathhorn asked Penguins head coach Mike Johnston if Crosby had mumps. Johnston said the team doctors had recently conducted blood tests on the players and never mentioned finding anything.

In other words, it could be mumps, but Johnston wouldn't know anything about that. Plausible ...

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