Give Me the NHL Playoffs Over the NBA Playoffs Anyday

April 25th, 2010 by Hunter McDowell Leave a reply »
By: Max Lush and Hunter McDowell

Did you hear? Kevin Garnett was suspended from Game Two of the Boston Celtics-Miami Heat series for throwing an elbow! GASP! I heard about it too, and then I thought to myself, man does the NBA suck or what?

Sure, this may be due to the fact my favorite team, the Sacramento Kings, haven’t been relevant since the days of ‘The Bench Mob ’, or it could be that NBA basketball is just flat out boring. If you put a college basketball game in front of me and an NBA game in front of me, you bet your ass I am watching the college game.

Or this could all be due to the fact that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are on at the same time, and quite frankly kick the ass of the NBA Playoffs, HARD.

Am I the only one amazed that hockey players play 82-games a season (the same as the NBA)? Because this simply blows my mind. These guys play back-to-back games sometimes, get driven into walls, lay their bodies down on ice in front of 95 MPH slap shots, oh, and did I mention that they are on FREAKIN’ ICE?

I swear, hockey players can skate better than I can walk, it is stupid. Guess what NBA playe ...

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