Canadiens and Wild Suffer the Same Problem: Farm Team Development.

November 20th, 2009 by Sebastien Tremblay Leave a reply »

A lot of teams in the NHL still have a hard time finding and drafting the right prospect. Or maybe it’s simply because they don’t have the tools to make them grow into stars? There is a plethora of talented prospects that never make a real impact at the NHL level for some reason. Reasons can range from lack of effort, disgruntled youth, overrated player, size, competitiveness.


Sometimes the assessment of a junior player is just completely off the mark. And other times, the development system is to blame.


There have been many first round busts through the years regardless of what spot they are drafted. But I noticed a familiar pattern between two teams. Both teams have had prospects over the years coming up the ranks, only to crumble at the NHL level, stay stuck in the minor leagues, or provide only marginal contributions once at the NHL level.

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