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Mix and Match: A World Junior Championship Mashup

January 4th, 2010
So the New Year's festivities are over and hockey is going full swing. This year, we fans have the pleasure of getting a condensed hockey schedule thanks to the Olympics. For die-hard hockey fans, it’s the best time of year. Add to that the World Junior Championship, my favorite ...

Canadiens and Wild Suffer the Same Problem: Farm Team Development.

November 20th, 2009
A lot of teams in the NHL still have a hard time finding and drafting the right prospect. Or maybe it’s simply because they don’t have the tools to make them grow into stars? There is a plethora of talented prospects that never make a real impact at the NHL ...

Montreal Canadiens: Doubt Setting In or Simple Slow Start?

November 15th, 2009
The Montreal Canadiens have reached the quarter of the season. That said, general manager Bob Gainey must be nervous and anxiously waiting for his summer spending spree come together. It’s been an “ups and downs” first quarter so far, but there have been a bit too many downs for my ...