2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Game Two Is on You! Sharks “Fan”

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Writer's Note/Disclaimer: I ran out of medication and this unmedicated brain creates more questions than answers. Hopefully comments and Zoloft will bring clarity to my state of un-mind. This disjointed diatribe rails against the ticket purchasers in attendance for Game Two of the Western Conference Finals. I use "ticket purchasers" in lieu of "fans," because I don't want to offend true San Jose Shark fans. Of course, TibKids don't act like the petulant snobs at the rink last night.

As a FAITHFUL Shark fan, aka TibKid , I am disappointed by my team's output in the first two games. Our squad has not executed tape-to-tape passes, has missed key defensive assignments, and has not created enough traffic in front of Captain Nemo to find the net against a talented and resilient Chicago Blackhawk team.

BUT, the effort and hunger is there from our Sharks. I wish the same could be said for the ticket purchasers in Game Two.

Here are questions for Game Two ticket purchasers.


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