The Difference a Lifestyle Can Make: The Life of an Average Player

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Where do you think Kobe and Lebron are right now? They are probably doing suicides and shooting jump shots till their arms fall off.

Where do you think Stephon Marbury is? He is probably sitting half naked in front of his webcam showing off what little dignity he has left.

The mere fact that one made it to the NBA simply is not good enough anymore. With acceptance into the league comes much more than money and fast cars. There comes a whole different lifestyle for the majority of the players.

Do you ever wonder where players such as Latrell Sprewell and Stephon Marbury have gone? I'm guessing you don't care.

Just a couple of years ago Latrell Sprewell was offered a multi-million dollar deal. He told the interested team that it was not enough to feed his family, so he left it as though it were a stray dog laying out in the rain.

His lifestyle had screwed up his life up so bad that he could not think straight anymore.

Stephon Marbury, on the other hand, took whatever chances he had left and to some degree, he did the best he could (And to no surprise he was not as good as he use to be.)

Even afte ...

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