“The Decision” of LeBron James: An Exercise In Arrogance

July 7th, 2010 by Nick Sachs Leave a reply »
ESPN continues its decent into the mind-numbingly absurd routine of submitting to certain athlete's every whim. 

Leading the pack would be one LeBron Raymone James, who now apparently is in charge of scheduling at the "worldwide leader in sports" (in hyperbole and terrible programming).

What has LeBron ever done to inspire such backing by a network giant; such admiration and desire from fans?  He's the ultimate physical package, which unfortunately is completely offset by an ego much larger than a player of his "accomplishments" should be sporting.

Not only are ego and hubris two qualities the self-entitled king has in far too abundant supply, but he lacks the heart and will of a true champion. 

Case in point the series against the Celtics this year; a more blatant case of a team leader quitting on his team than I've never seen.  I suppose he had a lot on his mind though, what with plotting his impending free agency and "gameplan execution" his management team and advisers had set up. 

He couldn't be bothered with actually playing an elimination game until the final whistles had s ...

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