Show Ya Rags!: 10 NBA Players Who Could Double As Gang Members

November 7th, 2009 by Hadarii Jones Leave a reply »
We have all been guilty of it before, and in some cases our suspicions had some merit. Did that player just flash a gang sign after hitting a big shot? Well, in some instances yes, that's exactly what they did, and your eyes were not playing tricks on you. This list is purely speculative (for the most part) although there have been questions raised about the extra-curricular activities of some of the players mentioned. Hell, some of these guys have even had the misfortune of having some of their actions caught on video, for the world to see. To be sure I'm not accusing any of these players of anything, I'm just saying that if a story about them ever broke, then you can say you heard it here first. These are 10 NBA players that could double as gang members, and for some I will back speculation up with cold, hard facts. The league has long had the stigma attached to it stating that it was a league of thugs. I don't believe that, but some guys make you wonder, what it is they do exactly in their spare time. For instance, where in the hell was Delonte West going on a scooter with that many guns, and that much chronic? All I can say is I'm glad the police pulled him over before ...

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