Ranking Todays NBA Ninja Assassins

December 14th, 2009 by Jose Salviati Leave a reply »
I am the featured columnist for the Los Angeles Clippers.

(Waiting for laughter to die down)

Done yet?  No?  Ok, take your time.

(Waiting for the last chuckle to subside.)

I understand; I'm used to it. 

I mentioned that only because I recently wrote a piece about the basketball team from Los Angeles that included the basis for the article you are reading.  In that original Clipper story I outlined how the Clips had a chance to go "Ninja Assassin" in a recent game against the Spurs.

The Clippers blew their shot and you, most likely, didn't read that story.  Like I said, its fine, I'm used to it.

I felt a reference in that article was too good to not share with all of you today so I am re-printing here with permission from the author.

Me, "Hey, is it ok with you if I reprint that part about the dagger in your latest Clipper story in an article I'm writing?"

Myself, "Sure, that's fine.  Just make sure to give me credit".

Me, "Of course, thanks!"

I, "Hey, that's plagiarism!"

Me and Myself in unison, "Shut up I!  Loser"

After so ...

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