Ranking the Best Playmakers at Every Position in the 2013 NBA Draft

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To succeed in the NBA, draft prospects either have to make plays on offense or play stellar enough defense that they can prevent opponents from making plays of their own.

In this article, the latter method for success is irrelevant. Defense is completely thrown out of the equation, and we're only looking at the playmaking ability of the prospects set to be selected in the 2013 NBA draft.

Please note that these are not overall rankings of the players in question. 

So, that begs the question: What exactly is playmaking? 

Unfortunately, there's a common misconception that it comprises solely of a player's ability to create opportunities for other players. That's not the case, though. 

Playmaking certainly does involve helping out teammates, but a player's own scoring ability needs to be factored in as well. Why should a play you make by yourself count any less than one you create for a teammate? 

In order to quantify playmaking, I created a metric called playmaker rating (PlayRtg). Creative name, I know. You can see how it was derived on the next slide. 

Using PlayRtg, we'll be l ...

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