NBA Trade Speculation: 5 Deals to Get Tony Parker off of San Antonio Spurs

July 1st, 2011 by Vince Sapienza Leave a reply »
With 12:01 AM coming and going, with no CBA agreement, the last thing on the minds of players, fans, owners, coaches, and spectators are trades. However, I am setting up shop and getting ready for a long NBA-less few months. 

The 2011-2012 NBA season, at this point, looks lost and without hope. However, it is always fun for the fan (i.e. me) to think about different trades and things of that nature as if the new season was right around the corner. 

At the time of the NBA Draft, their were countless rumors of players being traded for picks, moving up spots, a lot of which never came to fruition. Tony Parker was seen as a piece that could be on the move, but again nothing ever came of it. Many people feel Tony Parker is getting set to retire, that is what being in the league since you were 19 will do to you, when in reality he is far from retirement. Let's see where he might go based on my imagination. 

Now the following slides are not rumored by teams, but instead they are fun scenarios of which some would agree or disagree with, causing a stir for debate. Again, all these scenarios are as if their is no lockout and we are in a normal ...

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