NBA Lockout: Why the NBA Lockout Will Be Uglier Than NFL’s

July 1st, 2011 by Brandon Galvin Leave a reply »
If you thought the current NFL lockout was bad—you haven’t seen anything just yet.

The NBA lockout will be the ugliest lockout we have ever seen. This will be a long, drawn out process that will last many, many months—well into the 2011 NBA season.

Last month, Charles Barkley spoke out that he believed the entire season would be lost.

Leading up to the draft, Ray Allen stated in an interview that he believe games would be lost.

It is impossible not to believe that games and the season will be lost. The players and owners seem to be worlds apart. Unlike the NFL owners, the NBA owners clearly could not give a damn—if they even had a damn to give considering they claim most are operating in the red—if the entire season is lost.

Shane Battier made headlines leading up to the lockout as he asked NBA union president Billy Hunter if he would be willing to take a salary reduction to $1, much like NFL union director DeMaurice Smith did.

“What this really shows is this—as this lockout drags on, the players will start to question their leadership and the deal being driven. Right ...

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