NBA Trade Rumors: The New York Knicks’ Possible Path To Chris Paul

July 25th, 2010 by Jared Culver Leave a reply »
Already, Chris Broussard has used his unfathomable power to set the sports media narrative to bump the Orlando Magic ahead of the New York Knicks in the Chris Paul trade rumors.

This, as always, is based on sources that say Paul wants to go to Orlando because he believes it will be a better fit, whatever that means.

In fact it would be impossible to gauge where Paul would find a fit to his liking since that could only be known after he found out the details of a possible trade.

Dismissing the speculation about where Paul prefers and where he would fit, let's look at how it might work.

First, there are some half-truths being spread as if they were common wisdom. I call them half-truths because they are technically true statements, but absent of context.


Half-Truth #1: The New Orleans Hornets do not have to trade Chris Paul.

This is technically true. The Hornets have no contractual obligation to meet a Chris Paul trade demand.

But this is akin to saying I don't have to breathe oxygen or pay my bills.

Life is a cruel thing in that it provides many scenarios where we neith ...

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