NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Paul Is Just That Good

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Sometimes when a group of people get excited about something they follow up analysis with more and more analysis. This path is problematic when the answer is simple. Eventually, the group can arrive at final thoughts that are not optimal. We've all been in those meetings.

In the case of the potential Chris Paul trade, the answer is simple: do it.

There are some basic caveats of course. You have to keep Roy and, in my opinion, two out of three of Oden, LaMarcus, and Batum. Of that group LaMarcus is probably the least desirable to New Orleans since he is owed a lot of money and they already have a nice power forward. That brings us to Oden or Batum.

The idea of trading Oden remains unacceptable to many fans. I'm all for keeping him, but in the case where you can get a young player that is proven All-NBA quality, an exception should be made.

The Blazers are not "married" to Greg Oden. Also, can we stop comparing NBA relationships to matrimony? That has been irksome for a while. These are professionals in a business. If you want a framework to help explain things, economics is more useful.

Everything Portland has invested into ...

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