Most Embarrassing Dunk Fails in NBA History

December 18th, 2012 by Curtis Harris Leave a reply »
Nothing is more embarrassing than a failed dunk, and I've compiled 10 of the worst (best?) ones you'll ever see.

Sure, we all laugh and chuckle at the failure of power dunks gone awry, but let's put ourselves in the sneakers of the failed dunker for a moment...

Imagine that you're galloping down the court on a fast break, or perhaps you've beat a defender off the dribble in the half-court. There's nothing between you and the rim except sweet sweet glory.

You plant both feet on the floor, and together, they propel your body skyward to the heavens.

The crowd, teammates and opponents are all anticipating a righteous tomahawk slam. And so are you.

The hammer is thrown down, and a thunderous noise is made. The only problem is that the thunder resulted from the crowd, opponents and even teammates laughing at your epic fail of a dunk. Dejected, you hold your head in shame.

Remember that sinking, awful feeling as we take a look at the most embarrassing dunk fails ever.

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