Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin and the Top Six Doctors of Dunk

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Picking the greatest in-game dunker of all time is kind of like selecting the best in-traffic driver. "Wow, did you see that green Subaru manuever from lane three to lane two just now? Perfect". "Hm, that was okay, but I think the yellow Jetta's decision to stay put will win out in the end."

In other words, it's subjective.

Fans of Jettas will understandably lean towards the V-Dub, just like a fan of the ATL will rave forever about 'Nique. I have no doubt that the following will be scrutinized, analyzed and could likely leave me victimized, but I will press on. This is my list of the NBA's greatest in-game dunkers.

The classification is important; these are guys who dunked, with some shock and awe, during the game. 

You may not believe this to look at me know, but I used to be able to dunk. Being able to throw-down was about the only thing I had on my high school bucket list. While other kids were concerned with meeting girls, partying, rocking out to Devo or actually graduating high school, I wanted to dunk.

Even though I had access to a gym at school, I joined one near my house with the sole ...

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