LeBron James’s RISE: A Few Thoughts from the Superstar’s Latest Commercial

November 9th, 2010 by Daniel Yi Leave a reply »

It’s scary how progressively worse LeBron has gotten since May. With the last article I wrote, I almost felt empathetic toward LeBron because…well, it just seemed like he was crying out for help.

Why else would you tell the world that you get hateful Twitters other than the fact that it hurts?

I guess I overlooked an alternative motive: vengeance.

In the Hebrew scriptures, God lashes out in anger against the faithless Israelites time and time again, in hopes of turning their hearts back to him. There are times that the people repent and God embraces them with open arms, but more often than not, their hearts become more calloused and stone-cold, walking further away from the one who chose them for special reasons.

And it’s painfully ironic that in his own video, LeBron is removing a tattoo from his back that reads “Chosen.”

The video starts off with what appears to be a contrite display of emotions on the reminiscent set of The Decision. Within seconds, we realize we’ve been had.

“Should I admit that I’ve made mistakes?”

LeBron is an ...

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