LeBron James, Or How I Learned To Stop Hating and Embrace The King

September 17th, 2010 by Euno Lee Leave a reply »
So you're probably getting wind of LeBron's Q-rating taking a George W. Bush-esque fall from grace (remember, Dubya had a Gallup Poll approval rating higher than 90% following 9/11). 

Everyone, their mom, and Mark Cuban is taking shots at LeBron, but it's important to note that LeBron's attitude has remained virtually the same his entire career.

I was just as disappointed in LeBron's "Decision" as the next guy, if not more.  You might remember that I wrote various inflammatory comments toward him following the debacle. 

Over this summer, after having been equally disgusted with the annual Favre-fest about a month ago, I came to a realization.

Who am I to judge LeBron?  LeBron's move might have been gutless to people of Cleveland, or anyone who has so much a tinge of hometown loyalty. 

But does your loyalty make you morally superior to the degree that you can judge a man for being human?

It's not like this came as a surprise to any of us: LeBron's attitude problems and his alleged childishness have been swept under the rug until it reared its ugly head this summer with "The Decision."&nb ...

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