LeBron James and the LeBrand: Why Playing for the Miami Heat is about the Money

July 14th, 2010 by Chris Palmieri Leave a reply »
We are approaching the one week mark since the LeBron James "decision."

The contracts are signed ($14.5 million). The predictions have been made. The hype is extremely epic. LeBron took a pay cut, as did Bosh and Wade, to play for the Heat in order not only to win a championship but to become a dynasty.

LeBron James said money isn't the issue here. His decision to join the Heat is about winning. But when they say it's not about the money, it's always about the money.

Anybody following LeBron over these last few years has heard the word "brand" more times than they can remember—The LeBron Brand, LRMR, partnerships, etc.

Brand has become somewhat synonymous with legacy, but in more of a business aspect. It used to be Larry Legend but now it's LeBron the Brand.

A little crash course on what branding is. Think of literally branding a cow. It is done to label, or identify—to distinguish.

In the business world, many people define branding as trademarks, and logos; ways for companies to stand out. But a brand is really what you believe about a product or service.

Take Coca Cola for example.

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