Lakers Nation: ‘We Need Boston’

May 21st, 2010 by Chad Ridgeway Leave a reply »
Lakers' Nation is committing one of sports' cardinal sins—and they're doing it on live national TV and they're not even afraid to show it.

They're looking ahead.

"We Want Boston! We Want Boston!"

That is because the Lakers/Celtics rivalry casts a shadow much larger than the conference Finals. It's a conflict that has spilt blood for half a century, with the Finals matchup in 2008 reopening the wound that had been scabbed over for 20 years. A rematch, like the stars do on occasion, is lining up.

It's almost time.

Particularly for Lakers fans, the chance to redeem ourselves for 2008 is so personal and so tantalizing, it's impossible to not be consumed by it.

This year, the championship means so much, because it can come at the hands of our arch rival.

Last year's championship was important. It fundamentally altered the career of Pau Gasol. It made Phil Jackson the winningest coach of all time. It removed the gorilla named Shaquille from Kobe's back.

But let's face it, doing it over the Orlando Magic was a little juiceless.

The Lakers and Celtics are hurling toward each o ...

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