L.A. Clippers: Breaking Down Why Blake Griffin Turned into a Flopper

May 22nd, 2012 by Darryl Fetz Leave a reply »

If you've ever listened to The Basketball Jones podcast, they have taken to calling the Los Angeles Clippers "Flop City" instead of Lob City, because of the antics of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Reggie Evans. 

Whatever your views on Blake Griffin are, there are two things that are true about him. He is one of the most athletic big men in the game right now, and he tends to embellish fouls or outright flop to get calls from the referees. 

My personal views on Blake Griffin are complicated, as I think he is a breathtaking athlete, but he also annoys me to no end with his whining and flopping. Watching a Clippers game is a mix of emotions, as one second he will fall over after being grazed by a smaller player, and the next he will fly through the air for a ferocious slam. 

One of his major problems mirrors that of LeBron James. He's in too good shape to be flopping. LeBron is built like a brick wall, the man weighs 250 pounds of all muscle. Griffin is listed at 251, and the fact that both of them routinely go flying when pushed by much smaller players just looks silly.

Why did Griffin start flopping? Well, w ...

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