Kobe Bryant Is the Definition of Clutch

March 15th, 2010 by Nate Smith Leave a reply »

Sometimes a person can be so masterful at what they do that the extraordinary becomes expected. Perhaps it is just human nature to cease to be impressed by repetition.

The first time you see a 3-D movie, it is an amazing cinematic experience. Eyes move in wonder as the anxiousness of what will happen next builds up. But after you’ve seen a couple of 3-D movies, the wonder begins to fade. You begin to anticipate the drama and the cinematic effects become more predictable.

Does the fact that you’ve seen it before make it any less amazing?

Basketball is a game of moments. The difference between the greatest players ever and just the great players is only a reflection of moments.

Statistics try to paint the picture of impact in a basketball game. But statistics do not take into account context; they fail to recognize moments. Statistics treat every possession the sam ...

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