Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh Are Greater Than LeBron James for the Chicago Bulls

July 5th, 2010 by Bob Warja Leave a reply »
If I'm the Bulls, and it becomes a choice of having Dwyane Wade and a star complementary player like Chris Bosh or simply signing LeBron James only, this would be an easy decision.

Give me Wade and Bosh over LeBron any day of the week.

Sure, James has more star power. And yes, he has more talent than anyone in basketball.

But in the NBA, you need more than one star player to win a title. Just look at the Cleveland Cavs for an obvious example.

Now, before you say that the Bulls' Derrick Rose is a star, that depends on how you define "star."

Sure, he is a good player. But he does not play defense, and let's be honest, how many 6'3" players have been dominant in the NBA?

I realize he is a point guard, and those guys aren't typically very tall. But LeBron is like a point guard in that he carries the ball up the court. So he needs a two more than anything around him to be successful, as opposed to a one.

Wade has already won a title in Miami. And Bosh is clearly willing to the Robin to Wade's Batman, while James' ego requires him to be The Man.

Look, you can't go wrong with any of them— ...

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