Detroit Pistons Potential Draft Picks: Who’s Bound For the Motor City?

May 5th, 2010 by Jay Wierenga Leave a reply »
The Detroit Pistons fans find themselves in a strange environment these days, sitting at home during late April and early May without a horse in this race called the NBA Playoffs.

Strangely, it is reminiscent of Dr. Manhatten in Watchmen . Basically, Stones Nation (I'm hoping this catches on) is walking amongst ravenous basketball fans as they passionately exude team pride and we couldn't be more apathetic.

It's not as though we are completely alien to these fans—rather, we remember caring, but we just can't quite identify with it now.

Who do we root for?

Seeing as many Pistons fans have been forced from their state due to economic reasons, some are trying to catch the playoff bug in their adoptive cities.

Personally, I tried this tact here in Portland, but Nate McMillan's inability to coach his way out of a wet paper bag has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Some I talked with are trying to root for San Antonio since the Spurs are the only team left that plays like our beloved Pistons once did, and they represent somewhat of a kindred spirit.

More still have decided to root against specific teams ...

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