Denver Nuggets Need To See Light of Day, Trade Carmelo Sooner Rather Than Later

February 7th, 2011 by David Weiss Leave a reply »
There is a distinct possibility that the Denver Nuggets are pulling the wool over everyone's eyes and simply playing honest poker with everyone in the league with their biggest poker chip, Carmelo Anthony.

Maybe they think that the closer the trading deadline gets, the more likely teams will up their ante to get Carmelo Anthony.

He is after all one of the top eight players in the league, and if history, much less sports history, has shown anything, there is a sucker born every minute.

But in all probability, what is going on right now is that the Nuggets aren't waking up to the reality of the situation.

Carmelo Anthony is as gone as a person can be while still presently being there.

He made up his mind sometime around last summer's free agency, probably influenced not only by LeBron's decision to forgo being the best player in the biggest market city in the NBA, but also the desire of his draft classmates to play with another superstar, which in Carmelo's eyes would be Amar'e.

Whether or not teams not named the Knicks still foolishly believe they can get Carmelo to sign an extension even though he has expressly ...

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