Cavaliers-Bulls’ Officiating Is Prime Example Of Why the NBA Is Losing Fans

April 28th, 2010 by Adam Sprague Leave a reply »

It’s the fourth quarter and the underdog Chicago Bulls were outplaying the King and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  However, that all changed when the Cavs dumped the ball down low to Shaq. Brad Miller was whistled for two straight fouls playing stand up defense against Shaq.

Miller did manage to take an elbow to the face from Shaq so maybe that’s where the contact came from.  Even the Cleveland fans starter roaring wildly when the ball was dumped back into Shaq anticipating another foul call, and they got it.

Forums and message boards across the Internet heated up this morning with more outcries from fans stating that once again the officials determined a game winner.

Snypershawn said on one forum, “The imaginary fouls on Miller and Noah—that’s when the Bulls' control of the game disappeared and the refs took that glimmer of hope away.”

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