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Vancouver Canucks-Chicago Blackhawks Keep NHL National Anthem Tradition Great

May 12th, 2010
Initially I sat down to write my analysis of last night’s game six game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Vancouver Canucks, but decided to take a different route and talk about one of the most consistently moving and special traditions in sports. Yes, I’m referring to the national anthems before ...

Cavaliers-Bulls’ Officiating Is Prime Example Of Why the NBA Is Losing Fans

April 28th, 2010
It’s the fourth quarter and the underdog Chicago Bulls were outplaying the King and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  However, that all changed when the Cavs dumped the ball down low to Shaq. Brad Miller was whistled for two straight fouls playing stand up defense against Shaq. Miller did manage ...

Here Comes Kobe Bryant: Phil Jackson Is Once Again the Key for Bulls Future

February 24th, 2010
As the Bulls approach the climax of their free agent search, it is once again Phil Jackson that holds the key to what the Bulls will be able to accomplish in the next three years. Just like many others have done, including Sam Smith ( NBA writer), I am dismissing the ...