Boston Celtics’ Big Three No More: Rajon Rondo Makes it Four

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It was almost three years ago that the Boston Celtics brought in aging All-Stars Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to turn the ailing franchise around.

In order to acquire the services of the two potential Hall of Famers, Boston had to practically sell the farm.

For GM Danny Ainge, it was worth the gamble. If it worked, the Celtics would have a legitimate shot at returning to their former glory.

Allen and Garnett joined Celtics star Paul Pierce to form what Boston fans (and Ainge) hoped would be one of the greatest trios in league history.

They didn't disappoint. Boston, led by the Big Three, captured the 2008 NBA Championship. All three stars had finally had the title that had eluded them all—Garnett in Minnesota, Allen in Seattle, and Pierce in Boston.

At that time, the Celtics point guard was a second-year player out of Kentucky named Rajon Rondo who decided to go to the NBA after his sophomore year in 2006.

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