New York Islanders: Yet Another New Venue Plan in the Works

January 14th, 2012 by Mike Blazowski Leave a reply »

According to the Long Island Press, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano held an informal press conference unveiling a new project in the works for a “redevelopment” of the area.

While no details have been released as to whether this would be a renovation of the current coliseum and a development of the area around, or if it would mean a new Coliseum be built, he did state that it would be a “privately” financed operation/development of the area.

While it does satisfy the request that it be non-publicly financed by the Nassau County taxpayers (which was the ultimate downfall of the last proposal), one must wonder if the opposing Democrats will not simply find yet another reason to nix the new plan, just as the Republicans did to them a few years before.

In all honesty, if this is a privately financed development in the works, the Town of Hempstead and Nassau county should really have very little to say about what is in the works (see Kate Murray fiasco in past for an example of more ridiculous political meddling and time wasting).

It is time for the county to dispense with the political games—we’ve all seen and had enough of them—and help secure a financial future revenue of the county and one of the must successful expansion teams in NHL history.

This team has a very bright future and a has the possibility of becoming a large revenue generator for all parties involved, including most importantly the team itself.

If Mr. Wang has not exhausted his patience for political nonsense, jumping through hoops, spending money for it to be wasted on more political nonsense and jumping through more hoops and the county can actually stop playing games just to ensure a political battle continues for the sake of being of the other party… Then perhaps all Islanders fans will have a new Coliseum and a new lease on life for our beloved, four-time Stanley Cup-winning, 14 straight playoff run-having and all-time most successful expansion team, New York Islanders.

We’re all Islanders.


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