NBA Power Rankings: The 25 NBA Twitterers You Need To Follow

January 20th, 2011 by Hayden Kim Leave a reply »

Even if The Social Network hadn’t been released, the reality is that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have brought an entirely new and cool way of communicating with others, especially on the topic of sports.

Nowadays, one could easily find out the score of a game, where their favorite player is or when an injured player is coming back simply by going on their cell phone checking their “Twitter Feed.”

There is no doubt that the world of communication has been simplified for better or for worse, and with the large amount of Twitterers in the world of sports, the margin for making a mistake is unimaginable.

On the other hand, there are many Tweeters who entertain on a daily basis, and that makes Twitter a source for not only information, but entertainment.

In this slideshow I will list the top 25 NBA Twitterers you need to follow from bottom to top. Hope you enjoy!

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