NBA Draft: One Mulligan Each Team Would Like to Have for a Recent 1st-Round Pick

February 9th, 2011 by Rich Kurtzman Leave a reply »

The NBA Draft is exciting, it’s an influx of new, young talent that will one day dominate the league.

Or, as in Blake Griffin’s case, dominate right away.

The Draft is an effective way of improving your team’s talent and it shapes their future depending on the talent evaluation and moves the front office makes.

Some teams seemingly always draft well (San Antonio) while others either draft poorly perpetually (Minnesota) or perennially trade away picks (Denver).

For further proof the Draft is important, look at the LA Clippers, who have historically drafted down-right dumbly, have picked with purpose lately and now fans see their team brimming with a boon of talented basketballers.

Obviously, the Draft is an imperfect science due to gambling millions of dollars on teenage players that have yet to prove themselves and this list is on the biggest draft-day blunder that each NBA team has made in recent years.

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