Indiana Pacers Spark off the Bench: Can Gerald Green Be the Guy?

September 1st, 2012 by Chad Smith Leave a reply »

Every team in the NBA usually has an X factor. It’s one guy who can usually swing momentum during a game and provide a spark when the team isn’t performing well. A lot of teams like to use this player as their sixth man, giving them some much needed talent coming off the bench.

Do the Indiana Pacers have that this year?

Looking down the roster, if that player does exist, he isn’t standing out of the crowd. Yes, there are a few guys who could potentially become that type of player, but it isn’t obvious right now which one that could be.

The Pacers don’t have a Jason Terry, a James Harden or a Manu Ginobili.

Looking at this team, the one player everyone thinks will be that guy is Gerald Green. While he has bounced around the league, Green says that he is looking to finally find a home and really contribute to a winning organization.

The Pacers would love for Gerald to become that player, but up until now, he has only been known for flashy, acrobatic dunks. There isn’t anything wrong with that, if you can do other things well too.

I’m just as excited to see the dunk-offs between Paul George and Green this year, but I would love even more for Green to become an all-around player, providing that spark we need off the bench.

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