Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: Why Not the Chicago Bulls?

February 11th, 2011 by Eric Casperson Leave a reply »

Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks. Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers. Carmelo Anthony to the Nets. All the headlines of the past few weeks have been sticking Anthony with one of these teams. I ask, “Why not Chicago?”

Rumors were swirling that Chicago was in the mix at one point in time. However, Anthony seemed to drop the Bulls from his “most wanted” list and stuck with just wanting to go to New York.

I see the glamour and all the jazz that would surround Anthony in New York. Maybe he wants that. Maybe that is all that he is after…fame and fortune.

If he wants a ring, the better fit for him would be with Chicago. The Bulls are currently third in the East and nine games ahead of New York in the loss column.

Not only should we look at this year, but also for years to come.

Yes, the Knicks may be a little bit younger than the Bulls as a team. However, the skill and star players for the Bulls are younger and much more talented.

Derrick Rose, in only his second season, may be the best point guard in the league right now. He is in the top 10 in both assists and points per game, which is a rare feat. Rose is averaging over 24 points and over eight dimes per contest.

The eight assists per game mean that Rose is an unselfish player. He is a guy who is willing to probably give up touches to increase the team’s chances of winning ball games.

The problem with the Knicks is that Amar’e Stoudemire and ‘Melo will collide with the same style of play. Anthony has the ability to play down low in a PF slot. Stoudemire likes to stand at the top of the key, a place where Anthony likes as well.

I am not sure that the combination will work on the offensive end. I am sure that it will not work defensively, with each player taking plays off during games. New York is already second in the league at allowing the most points per game. Anthony will have a hard time defending a more athletic and quicker SF.

Another business complication will be the fact that the Knicks seem unwilling to let go of Danilo Gallinari, who the Nuggets would likely ask in return.

Without Gallinari in a package, even if ‘Melo wants to go to New York, Chicago will still have the best offer on the table. The Bulls can offer their starting SF Luol Deng. The Nuggets have been interested in Joakim Noah, but with his new contract extension, I do not know if Denver will still want him. The Bulls also have the Bobcats’ protected first-round pick in this year’s draft to give up.

If I am Carmelo Anthony and I want a championship, I would go to the best overall team and play with Derrick Rose and contend for a championship. If I am Carmelo Anthony and I want the money and fame that comes with playing in New York, then I go to the Knicks.

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