2011 NBA Mock Draft: Philadelphia 76ers Snag Kawhi Leonard at No. 16

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76ers Enlist Services of San Diego Guard Kawhi Leonard in 2011 NBA Draft

The 76ers are beginning to show signs of returning to prominence this season. Led by Andre Iguodala the Sixers find themselves in the playoffs this year, and the team still has room to grow.


Thanks in part to the breakout season that the San Diego State Aztecs put together, Kawhi Leonard’s draft stock has jumped as of late.

The 6’7” forward is a great athletic talent that has the capacity to work on the perimeter but can also drive the lane effectively.

Considering his offensive minded tendencies it’s almost surprising that Leonard is such an effective rebounder for a man of his size, but it’s just another testament to his active nature and ability to make things happen.

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Part of what comes along with having the success that he has had is the confidence in making any shot that he takes. Unfortunately this has also meant a number of ill-advised shots taken off the dribble.

The Sixers will need to control him as they look to make him more of an all around talent that can provide value while minimizing turnovers.

Pro Comparison: Luol Deng

Both players put up comparable points on a given night, and while Leonard is statistically a better rebounder at this point their outputs will likely be more identical once Leonard transitions to the style of play in the NBA.

Shooting around 30 percent from three point range both players have the capacity to take the ball to the perimeter, although neither takes a significantly high number of shots from downtown.


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