You Wanted Dan Girardi, You Got Him…Don’t Cry About Him Later!

July 11th, 2010 by MR CONTROVERSY Leave a reply »
Where do you begin when you look at this New York Rangers team? How about we start with the many interviews we have heard with someone from this organization saying we need to better our defense—or was it we need to be tougher? Or maybe it was the one on how we need to get Henrik Lundvist some help so he does not have to play every game. Maybe it was all of the above that made me think, "hey, they finally got the hint on what to do... NOT!"

Why is it that year after year, we, the fans, are told the same thing every season, but nothing is done to better the team. Why is it so easy for Sather to say we need to toughen up and get better defensively, but yet so hard to put in effect? Then we get some dummy that says we bitch to much, are you kidding me?

Is it that hard to find a solid defender? I mean we just blew $3.25 million on Dan Girardi, who has never been that good to begin with. If there is anyone that should bitch, that should scream bloody murder, it is all of you, the fans, who go and pay top dollar for a seat, $10 bucks for a damn beer, just to watch the damn Rangers and bum coach lose day after day.

Bitch, your damn straight I wil ...

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