Why The No. 19 Should Be Retired League Wide

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The number 99.

Who comes to mind when you think of a jersey with that number on the back of it? 99.9 percent of everyone will think of Wayne Gretzky.

The other 0.1 percent? People that don't know hockey.

Once Wayne Gretzky decided to hang up his skates, the league decided to do a sports first (I'm sure its a first for any sport, if not, please clarify) and retire the #99 throughout the league to honor "The Great One".

With all do respect to Gretzky, why does he get that treatment?

Yes, he holds a billion NHL records, but why hasn't any other player had their number retired league wide?

I, for one, think that the No. 19 should be retired league wide. And here is why I think so.

Look at the past greats that dawned the No. 19.

The No. 19 has become a number, that if you had it on your back, you are most likely to have a Hall Of Fame Career (kinda.)

Look at all the present players who wear the No. 19.

In my opinion, good hockey players or not, do not deserve to have the No. 19 stitched on their jersey.

Here's a list of players playing now, and the tea ...

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