Whats in a Song: From The Anthem to The Dagger

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If you have ever been to a live Chicago Blackhawks game at the United Center you know the feeling that comes over you when Jim Cornellison belts out the National Anthem, or that feeling when 20,000 strong belt out the chorus of Chelsea Dagger. But what makes these songs special? What set's these song's apart form the millions of other songs out there? Sit back, relax and enjoy as we browse through the Chicago Blackhawks music collection.

Warm up's: Metallica - King Nothing.

While the Chicago Blackhawks use numerous songs for their warmups, I chose King Nothing because it is one of my favorite Metallica songs. If you have ever played a sport, or worked out, you know the importance of "pump-up" song's. These tunes get your mind right for what you are about to do, and act like a bolt of lightning going through your body. King Nothing is the epitome of a "pump-up" song— from the opening guitar riff to the power behind James Hetfield's voice, this song is sure to get your blood flowing.

Hitting the Ice : Ted Nugent - Staranglehold.

While the "pump-up" song is important, continuing the adrenaline over to the next song is just as im ...

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