Vancouver Canucks: Their Needs Are Obvious, but Where Will They Come From?

May 16th, 2010 by Nucks IceMan Leave a reply »
I took a few days off to get away from the Vancouver Canucks' last loss, so bare with me for the brief bit of words as I go through withdrawals.

It gets harder and harder each year to follow this team since it came into the NHL, and to keep hearing, “wait till next year."

You invest a lot of time, energy, emotion, and, of course, money, and in the early years it consumes you during hockey season.

But as time moves on, it’s still important, but it does not rate as high on the gauge as the days go by.

At times you wonder to yourself, "why not wait until the playoffs begin, and then tune in," like some of us do for the MLB and NFL, but hockey draws you in like a magnet as you watch your team during the regular season.

And after 14 years of watching this team improve, I felt that this year's version of the Canucks had a chance to finally move past the second round.

The one thing that was very apparent to me, was that the Canucks had to play a couple of teams that were not San Jose or Chicago because of their size, talent, and toughness.

It has been quite obvious to me for over the last ...

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