Time for Pittsburgh Penguins Rumors to Begin: Who Will Stay, Who Will Go?

June 10th, 2010 by Amber Alexander Leave a reply »
I couldn't decide whether I wanted to watch Game Six with the Flyers going up against the Blackhawks.

I knew that if the Blackhawks won, Sidney Crosby would no longer be the defending captain to hoist the Cup.

Even worse was knowing that the Penguins were now just a chapter in the book of history in the NHL.

They won the coveted prize—that's a given.

But now they were in the past. It is the Chicago Blackhawks' turn.

Well, I also knew that I was sick of this season. 

Since the Penguins were booted out of the playoffs by the Canadiens, I have wanted the season to be done.

If I sound sour, it's because I am. 

Just like every other hockey fan who had their wishes crushed.

The way the Flyers' fans feel right now is how Pens fans felt in 2008, watching the Red Wings hoist the Cup.

Every losing team either comes back strong or shrinks. 

Now that the Flyers have experienced the Stanley Cup Final, I see them competing hard next year.

Now about those Blackhawks...

For a long time people have salivated at the chance to ...

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