Think the Media Is To Blame for the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Woes? Think Again

January 18th, 2011 by Peter Kleiss Leave a reply »
Are you as sick and tired of hearing how the media in Toronto breaks players as I am?

It just isn't so. There is no more evidence of this fact than by looking around the world at other top-market teams.

Do the New York Yankees suffer from being the main market in Major League Baseball?

Hell no.

Instead, they simply win championship after championship, 27 in all in 40 appearances in the World Series. There doesn't appear to be any media issues with the Yankees.

Now you might be jumping up and down arguing that MLB has no real salary cap and the Yankees simply buy the pennant every year. You’d be right, but isn't that what it was like in Toronto just a few short years ago? So the salary cap makes no difference on whether the media puts too much pressure on players to win in a particular market either.

What about the NFL? Roger Goodell's league has a salary cap like the NHL does. How do the biggest markets in football fare?

New York, New England and Pittsburgh are a few good markets whose teams are under plenty of scruitny, and none of those squads have issues with bringing home the Lombardi trop ...

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