The San Jose Sharks and a 3-0 Series Lead: Someone’s Idea of a Joke

May 6th, 2010 by Greg Eno Leave a reply »
The NHL does have a sense of humor, after all.

A cruel one, perhaps, but a sense of humor just the same.

OK, so who’s the prankster who has left the San Jose Sharks, the greatest playoff chokers of the 21st Century, with this 3-0 lead over the mighty Detroit Red Wings?

Surely this must be the work of one of those cut ups who slices the laces off your skates or puts Ex-Lax in your chocolate bar.

Look around the Sharks dressing room at Joe Louis Arena. Follow the sounds of the snickers and muffled giggles. The prankster is hiding somewhere; no doubt he wants to bear witness to his practical joke.

Someone gave the Sharks a 3-0 series lead and told them to have at it?

It’s like giving Charlie Brown a football to see whether he seeks out Lucy to hold it.

The Sharks? A 3-0 series lead? Really?

Where’s Allen Funt? Or Tom Bergeron? Someone must be recording this for one of those “America’s Dumbest Crooks” shows.

The San Jose Sharks have a 3-0 series lead. Let the fun begin.

This is going to be a doozy. Better grab ...

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